Transforming and changing organizations

Organizational transformation, as the name suggests, focuses on improving the the  operations of an organization in line with the managerial vision. Our bias is that this managerial vision can no longer be disconnected from the opportunities offered by digital technologies and, more importantly, that digital technologies influence the strategic and organizational visions of companies.

IT tools have been growing since the end of the 20th century and have accompanied the automation of the company’s business processes. The era of Business Process Management was launched. Nowadays, the optimization of the company’s business processes remains a major improvement for companies.

However, the digital revolution we have experienced since the beginning of the 21st century is reflected in an acceleration of changes within organizations: continuous adaptation of business processes, development of collaborative work that can not be modeled by a sometimes too rigid process approach, agility Organizational and human development or the development of a networked organization.

The Ifingo team supports organizations both for:

  • Defining a strategy reviewed with regard to the opportunities offered by digital technologies, sometimes with a break in business models
  • Reviewing, automate and optimize business processes (Business Process Management and Business Process reengineering)
  • Developing agility at the project level (Agile development methods, Lean Startup, etc.
  • Developing organizational and human agility.